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What is kitchen gardening? It is an urban approach to growing for individual household needs. Ideas and solutions for gardening in the city: in your front or backyard, on a balcony, a patio, or anywhere you'd love to see a kitchen garden.

Beautiful Edibles also offer kitchen garden ideas and solutions for institutional settings ~ schools, long-term care facilities, childcare centres, and other community centres.

We are inspired by: beginner and seasoned gardeners' desire for greater skill in the garden; permaculture principles; environmental sustainability; the local living movement; greater community strengthening; children and our elders; traditional ecological knowledge; delicious foods; physical activity, nature, and beauty.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Are you planning a vacation this summer? Are you also a dedicated vegetable gardener? Do you need capable hands to tend your garden while you're away? Jana and Pamela are available for any length of time to care for your beautiful garden. Everything from: watering, weeding, mulching, picking (for your fridge/freezer, or to share with others), succession planting (need Fall beets or kale to go in?), and organic pest management.
We've all left our gardens in the hands of someone who "knew" what they were doing.......this time, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can make sure you return home to an even bigger, more beautiful garden! 519-639-9991

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Heritage Tomatoes at the Masonville Farmer's Market

We are very happy to offer three varieties of heritage tomatoes to fellow green thumbs on Friday, June 7th, at the Masonville Farmer's Market. We have provided some information about the varieties below. Any questions please send us an email or visit us on Facebook.
We have: Siberian Peasant Tomato, Purple Prince Tomato, and Bella Alma Tomato. We also have a few borage plants, oregano, basils, and some mizuna. The weather's supposed to be fine. See you there!

TOMATO, SIBERIAN - Peasant*   (1/10 g.)  (30 seeds) Siberian Peasant Tomato - Matures: 67 Days. Siberia. 100 classic roma-shaped tomatoes from each compact plant. 3-4 oz. fruits with thick walls yet fresh juicy flavor. Also makes good sauce. (Det.)

Black Prince Heirloom Tomato
  • Purple Prince Tomato (aka Black Prince )
  • Fruit size: 3 to 5 oz
  • Matures: 70 days
  • Plant Size: 6 to 9 feet
  • Plant Type: indeterminate
Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine growing tomatoes in Siberia, but this delicious heirloom hails from that frozen clime. This is a fairly early tomato, and that is especially good for places where tomatoes have a hard time because of cool weather. The small, dark-red, slightly pear-shaped fruit begin maturing a little more than 2 months after planting, no matter where you live. Black Prince has been a very productive heirloom in our garden, yielding from 25 to 40 pounds of tomatoes per plant over a 3-month harvest season.
Look for plenty of flavorful tomatoes with a quality worthy of a chef’s table. Inside the dark color is just a hint of the rich flavor to come. Some say that black tomatoes are the tastiest of all. Try it for yourself.
Alma Tomato
  • Strong plants with very powerful root system;
  • Short internodes and uniform setting of fruits in every node;
  • Resistant to Fusarium, Vertotsilium and Tomato mosaic virus, nematodes and Stempfylium spp.
  • Indeterminate
  • 75 dtm. Thick skinned red tomato. Grows to @ 3’. Sweet and juicy. Excellent producer.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Build it, and they will grow!

A beautiful, long-lasting white oak raised garden box was just completed for another happy gardener! Jana and I learned a few things about drill bits and extremely hard wood. Lots of folks helped us along the way, with tips and instruction - Peter, Matt, Victor, and the Townsend Lumber woodlot guy! Brenda bought the box and is planning on growing tomatoes, flowers and herbs. We're so happy that she's a happy green thumb. Thanks Brenda!

Monday, 13 May 2013

An Engaging Two Days with Food Not Lawns London & the London Food Co-op

We had a fantastic two days tabling with Food Not Lawns London at the London Food Co-op. It was a successful fundraiser for Food Not Lawns London, they sold an amazing selection of plants for great prices.

The weather was a bit cool and grey, but the spirit and enthusiasm of the Co-op members and neighbourhood folk made up for the need for mittens, hats and long-johns.
We offered our locally grown, hand packaged heirloom seeds, a small selection of our tomato and swiss chard seedlings, and a chance for people to check-out our proto-type custom built raised garden bed (picture is below, in an earlier post).
Conversations were engaging, some great questions, and we're confident that many Co-op members left with  dreams of growing a little something more for themselves. Our  mystery lettuce mix, Galilee spinach and kale sold out! They can all be planted now.....the soil is cool, and the heat is still a few weeks away.
The London Food Co-op is a hub for organic food and exciting people! The acoustic music was fun too!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kid Garden Power

I often hesitate to open my Lee Valley email alerts this time of year.  As usual, I did not hit the delete button, nor did I limit myself to the initial teaser page.  Gladly, I ran across the following book for getting Kids enthusiastic in the garden:  

The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids  by Whitney Cohen & John Fisher

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sunny Spring weather!

Want to contribute to a writing contest and have a chance to be part of a National Film Board project? Check out this link explaining the stories we could tell about our neighborhoods AND contribute to building awareness and spark some additional action!Canada Writes - Hyperlocal: Interactive story map launching April 3 http://www.cbc.ca/books/canadawrites/2013/03/hyperlocal-new-series-launching-april-3.html via @cbcbooks